Going Solar Simplified!

Going Solar Simplified!

Residential Solar in Maryland - Lease or Purchase Solar from the comfort of your home. No In-Home Sales Rep needed!


$0 Down with Maryland’s Solar Company

Going solar has never been simpler. With Solar Direct Maryland, you can turn your traditional home into an environmentally friendly one virtually, from the comfort of your own couch!  


Our reliable solar company in Maryland has a unique business model, which makes going green worry-free. The entire sign-up process is done online from your desktop, via email and e-signing. 


Here’s how it works: You fill out the contact form on our website.

Using our advanced design software, our professional solar installers will assess your house to check if you could be a good candidate for solar. Before sending you your free quote, all we need is one recent electricity bill that shows your bill history. After that, our solar energy company will create a custom design and proposal based on your specific electric needs. We promise to deliver the most competitive rate possible that will beat your current utility pricing (not to mention our Best Value Guarantee)!  


Get started today with $0 down and NO upfront payments!

Residential Solar Installers & Contractors

In today’s world, contactless is the way to go. However, we’ve been a specialized virtual solar company in Maryland for years now. This means we already have the best solar installers and processes in place – we’re not just trying to figure it out now. At Solar Direct Maryland, our team of designers and solar installers expertly handle every portion of the process. We enjoy working one on one with homeowners across the great state of Maryland through virtual appointments and 5-star rated solar installations. 


Learn more about our contactless solar consultations and schedule yours today. 


Transitioning your current home to a solar-powered one can seem like a big task filled with uncertainty. But our solar energy company aims to make it as easy as possible! That’s why we’re proud to have both purchasing and leasing solar panels as options we offer here at Solar Direct Maryland. If you’re unsure of which is right for you, please mention it to your solar panel contractor during your proposal.


Reliable Panels from a Trusted Solar Energy Company

Our solar energy company is leading the pack by using black solar panels instead of blue. We also run all the conduit through the attic and cover roof leaks. All these aspects plus a 25-year warranty on panels and labor are just a few of the ways our solar energy company goes above and beyond for our customers. 


Take the guesswork out of solar installation. Contact us today! 

Solar Direct Maryland
Solar Direct Maryland

Speak with a Maryland Solar Panel Contractor Today! 

With the cost of electricity continuing to rise, there has never been a better time to reach out to a solar pane contractor and invest in green energy! 


Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, eliminate energy costs, or get a large tax break for going green, Solar Direct Maryland is the company to call! All of our solar panel contractors are expertly trained and have educational experience in the field. While there may be other solar installers in Maryland, none handle jobs with quite the care, attention, integrity, and honor that Solar Direct Maryland does. 


Speak with a solar panel contractor today via email or phone to get your free, contactless quote!


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